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Sacai_Luck_001_1366_450x675 Sacai_Luck_003_1366_450x675 Sacai_Luck_005_1366_450x675 Sacai_Luck_008_1366_450x675 Sacai_Luck_009_1366_450x675 Sacai_Luck_010_1366_450x675 Sacai_Luck_011_1366_450x675 Sacai_Luck_013_1366_450x675 Sacai_Luck_014_1366_450x675 Sacai_Luck_017_1366_450x675 Sacai_Luck_018_1366_450x675 Sacai_Luck_019_1366_450x675 Sacai_Luck_021_1366_450x675 Sacai_Luck_025_1366_450x675I’m a huge fan of Sacai , so it’s no surprise that Chitose Abe’s diffusion line Sacai Luck also speaks to me. It’s a younger, more playful collection (and more affordable). I love the layering here, I love the volume proportions,  the massive shiny puffers, lace slip skirts, and short tartan dresses. wait, the fur trimmed vans are the best part tho.


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